Park City Architects and Interiors

JSARC Architects is a Luxury architecture and interior design firm, providing excellence in luxury residential design for 19 years.

What sets us apart? Our dedication to your project.

We know that building a home is personal. We take the time to understand your lifestyle and perspective. They are unique and important. We design, with you, architecture that has a relevant aesthetic and compliments your lifestyle.

We are team players and organizers. We take the time to coordinate the design with all parties involved from engineers and contractors to suppliers and details. to assure your home is as beautiful and cost effective as you envisioned.

We are there for you throughout. We take the necessary time to provide construction observation throughout your project. Assuring that construction is going per plan, you and the team are getting questions answered, and information is being delivered in a timely manner.

We provide complete design and construction services from site analysis, architectural and interior design, team coordination, to construction observation.

What sets us apart? Our dedication to you.

JSARC Architects integrates relevant design with your lifestyle through a series successfully proven services that include:

  • Site analysis
  • Site selection
  • Space programming
  • Vision exploration
  • Schematic design
  • Design and 3D modeling
  • Geo-referenced sun and shadow analysis
  • Design and construction team coordination
  • Project supplier detail coordination
  • Construction and permit drawings
  • Promotional images and plans
  • Construction observation

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Luxury custom design, cost effective, and efficient plans

We are collaborators. We are committed to building close working relationships with our clients, the design team, and construction team. JSARC Architects strives to add value to the local Park City community through our use of locally sourced materials, help from local craftsman, and dedication to maintaining the highest design and construction standards.

We are experienced. Working with us as your architect makes for a pleasing experience. WE coordinate the transition from design, municipality approvals, to construction completion. We help smooth the inevitable bumps along the way to avoid delays in design, approvals, and construction. JSARC Architects can help you achieve the most cost effective and exclusive architectural designs that meet the needs of your commercial or residential projects from start to finish. Contact our professional team of architects and interior designers for a hands-on, personalized approach that is rarely found with larger firms by calling us today.

Why use us as your architect and interior designer?

We put you first. That is real, personalized attention. From the beginning our design and communication is important. There is always a balance of choices. We want to help you understand the design, cost, and construction implications of your choices. We strive to provide complete graphic, written, and observational information to help you make the best choices for your lifestyle, design aesthetic and budget.

HOA and Municipality approvals

HOA revies and Municipality approvals can and do cause delays. We work with you to understand when you want to be in you r new home. We create a reverse timeline to understand our project deadline goals. HOA and municipality approvals are a large part of this. Many designers and architects ignore this. We do not.

We make it a point to understand the rules of these boards and communicate that with you. We make it a point to communicate through our drawings, letters, and verbal communication all the metrics required to make it easy for them to approve your design. If there is a design opportunity that an HOA or Municipality may not approve of, we communicate that with you and then we do our best to find a way to make it easy for them to say yes. We are not always successful, but throughout our 19 years in Park City most boards and municipalities have gotten to know us and appreciate our forthright attitude toward the process. Because our meticulous approach to approvals we are often able to get projects and or design elements approved quickly, very often months before others.

Construction observation

We observe the construction of your home from excavation to move in, and often beyond. This important service is often neglected or ignored by others because it is time consuming. The time placed here produces a better built project at a more cost effective price. We avoid costly mistakes or catch them early in the build. When we are observing your build on site in person, we are your expert eyes and ears on site. We are advising you on build quality, build challenges, design opportunities, and design quality issues. We are meeting with the contractor on site to answer questions, we are observing framing issues or opportunities. We are assuring that the quality of the materials delivered are as expected. We are interfacing with the HOA and municipality questions. We’ve done this hundreds of times on all levels of construction. We know where to look and who to talk too. We are communicating with you the whole time. gain piece of mind and a better run, more cost effective project.